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As the name implies, a single ply membrane is a type of roofing system designed to be installed in one layer. If you want the flexibility that is offered by a single ply membrane roof for your business in York, Lancaster, or Dauphin County, PA, call on Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations. We have experienced single ply roofing contractors ready to meet your needs and exceed your expectations

What Is a Single Ply Roofing System?

Thermosets and thermoplastics are the two main types of single ply roofs. Thermosets membranes tend to work better for commercial roofs with larger surface areas. Single ply roofs are normally bright white in color, although some roofs of this nature can made with darker hues or various shades of gray. Certain chemicals and components are usually added to provide add UV protection.

Cohesive laps can be created with thermoplastic single ply membranes. They also usually have an added reinforcement layer. Both membrane types are highly flexible. This means you can enjoy the benefits of single ply roofing no matter which specific type of single-ply membrane material you prefer.

Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) is a single ply option that's made of a synthetic rubber compound, which allows for greater flexibility. Thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) is especially popular because it has a reinforcing scrim and a natural reflective surface. Commercial single ply roof systems consist of four main components:

  • An insulating layer
  • A single ply membrane – usually plastic or rubber with a reflective coating
  • Flashing to protect the edges of the roof from moisture
  • An adhesive to join the layers

Advantages of a Single Ply membrane Roof

One of the biggest advantages of a single ply flat roof is that it's extremely energy efficient, which is a plus for any business owner in York, Lancaster, or Dauphin County. Single ply roofs can also work well on many different roof designs, including unconventional ones.

If you have a commercial roof that's exposed to grease and oils on a regular basis, this type of roof is also worth considering. Single ply membrane roofing also offers the following advantages and benefits:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Resistance to impacts
  • Resistance to both UV radiation and ozone
  • Lower labor and installation costs

Single Ply Roofing Installation in York, Lancaster, and Dauphin Counties

Typically, single ply roofing is glued, fastened, or installed directly over roof insulation material. The specific approach to installation will depend on the type of commercial building you have, it's design and shape, and how much space needs to be covered.

If you have a large, open rooftop, for instance, ballasted roof installation may be recommended, especially if your roof needs to be able to handle additional loads. A mechanically fastened single ply flat roof might be better for a steel or wood roof. This type of single ply membrane roof is also appealing since it can be used on all types of roof slopes.

A fully adhered single ply roof is worth considering if you have a membrane that needs to be attached to a manufacturer-recommended adhesive. This can include adhesive material that's water-based, asphalt, or solvent-based. What you'll end up with when our expert contractors are finished is a smooth roof surface that can be mixed with colored membranes if you want to make your surface more visually appealing. Some single ply roofs are also chemically adhered.

Commercial Roofing with Tightly Sealed Seams

During the installation process, your single ply roofing system will be properly sealed by our single ply roofing contractors. The approach to sealing that's done will depend on the type of material used. For instance, a hot-air gun is used to weld the seams together on a TPO single-ply membrane roofing system. Seam tape or an additional adhesive is used to seal the seams on an EPDM single-ply membrane roof.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing Maintenance in York, Lancaster, or Dauphin County, PA

Single ply roofs have no top coating. So, when your warranty runs out, you can either opt for a new silicone restoration membrane or a new roofing system. Even though some warranties for these roofing systems last for 25-30 years, there may be times when your single ply roof needs repaired. Our experienced contractors can make repairs by:

  • Cleaning the affected area
  • Priming the area with a bonding adhesive
  • Cutting a piece of membrane to fit the damaged area
  • Using an adhesive or hot-air gun to attach/bond the new membrane

Whether you have a single ply flat roof that needs attention or you are considering a new single ply roofing system, the Glick Brothers Roofing experts are at your service. Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our single ply roofing contractors or receive a quote.

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