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Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations provides phenomenal roofing installation and repairs to homeowners in all of Dauphin County.

Roofer in Harrisburg, PA: Installation and Repair Services

A roof does more than just make a good first impression. Anyone living in the Harrisburg, PA area is well-aware of the varying weather conditions common in Pennsylvania. Winters can be harsh and summers can sometimes be hot and humid. Add rain, wind, and snow to the mix and it's easy to see why top-quality roofing materials are a must for homeowners and business owners in Harrisburg. It's just as important to have to know who to call when it's time for roof repair, replacement, and maintenance.

If you happen to be looking for an experienced roofer in Harrisburg PA, look no further than Glick Brothers Roofing. Whether your roof is leaking or you are weighing your repair vs. replacement options, we're here to help. See for yourself why we're the roofers Harrisburg PA residents often trust to get the job done right.

Why Choose Glick Brothers Roofing Company?

When it comes to roofers Harrisburg PA homeowners have a lot of choices. So, why choose Glick Brothers Roofing Company? First of all, our owner, John J. Glick, has more than 20 years of experience in the roofing industry. We're also a family business with a reputation for putting customers in Dauphin County and surrounding communities first. We think you'll also appreciate choosing us for the following reasons:

  • We're easily accessible during convenient hours
  • Our rates are honest and up-front
  • We offer 15-year warranty coverage on new roofs
  • All work is done by Amish craftsman with a knack for paying attention to every detail
  • We have good relationships with trusted suppliers

Roof Remodeling Services in Harrisburg

We offer a wide range of roof remodeling services throughout the Harrisburg area. Our contractors can help you plan a complete a new roof installation that's part of a remodeling project. We're just as capable of discussing your options when it's time for a new roof installation to replace an existing one that's severely damaged or beyond the point where it's cost-effective to opt for repairs.

A Full Spectrum of Quality Roofing Materials

Many homeowners in Harrisburg prefer an attractive asphalt shingle roof. But this is just one of several options to consider when deciding on what materials are right for your roof. Metal roofs can be just as appealing as asphalt ones thanks to the many different colors now available with this type of roofing, which has an average lifespan that ranges from 40 to 70 years with proper care. A related possibility is a standing seam metal roof. This type of roofing has connecting panels that can provide added aesthetic touches for both commercial and residential structures.

Roof renovation

Whenever you require a roof inspection, roof repairs, or new roof installation or roof renovation services in Harrisburg or York, Pennsylvania, count on Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations! We offer free estimates. You can reach us by calling 717-449-8612, or by completing our convenient web site inquiry form now.

Our cedar shake roofing offers classic natural beauty with eye-catching hues and tones. It's also a material that's resistant to strong winds and energy efficient. Available in traditional rolls and shingles that mimic slate in appearance, rubber roofing can also be a smart investment for both homeowners and business owners in Harrisburg.

New Roof Installation in Harrisburg, PA

It's predicted that property values within the Harrisburg area will soon be on the rise again. What this means for property owners is a need to pay attention to improvements that can enhance curb appeal. Having a new roof installation in Harrisburg, PA by Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations can also be an excuse to explore different materials, improve energy efficiency, and avoid the hassle of frequent repairs.

Our experienced roofers serving the Harrisburg area have a thorough understanding of what kind of materials are likely to be able to stand up to everything from spring rains and occasional summer hailstorms to falling autumn leaves and winter snowstorms. Our friendly, knowledgeable roofing contractors will take the time to determine what matters most to you in terms of materials used and the size, shape, and color of shingles. We'll then offer recommendations based on what's right for your needs and budget.

Roof Repair Harrisburg PA Homeowners Can Count On

Glick Brothers Roofing Company is also at your service should your home or business roof need some attention. If you're dealing with roof damage limited to certain areas, we may be able to do a re-roof to restore the appearance and quality of your roof. In some situations, we can also put new asphalt shingles over existing ones if the damage is limited to the top of your roof. Our seasoned roof technicians are equally capable of responding to roof repair service requests in Harrisburg involving:

  • Unexpected leakly roof
  • Blown-off shingles
  • Storm damage
  • Structural damage
  • Damaged fascia boards, gutters, or downspouts

Dauphin County Roof Maintenance

The best way for homeowners and business owners in Harrisburg and Dauphin County to protect what's likely a fairly significant investment is with preventative roof maintenance and care. Our skilled local roofers can perform a variety of tasks to ensure that any potential roofing problems are spotted and correctly as soon as possible. This includes:

  • Seasonal and post-storm inspections
  • Routine cleanings
  • Gutter and downspout inspections and cleanings
  • Shingle replacement
  • Replacing damaged or worn flashing

No Mess Roofing in Harrisburg

We believe the roof repair Harrisburg PA homeowners and business owners sometimes need shouldn't have to mean major disruptions and a big mess. This also goes for any new roof installation or roof remodeling work that may need done. If you want quality work without the hassle of materials lying around everywhere, we think you'll appreciate what we refer to as no mess roofing, an approach to roofing that means maximum satisfaction and minimal disruption to your property.

  • Fully clean-up all work areas
  • Contain work areas as much as possible
  • Do a final walk-through to ensure nothing is overlooked

A roof that's installed right and well-maintained is one that's sure to offer long-term value and much-appreciated peace of mind. If you're in need of a roofer in Harrisburg PA, call on Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations. We'll gladly get you started with a free estimate before any work is done. Contact us today at (717) 449-8612, or fill out our convenient contact form.

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