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Standing Seam Metal Roof

Standing Seam Metal Roofs are Superior Like No Other

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Professional Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation in Lancaster, York, & Dauphin Counties

If you need professional standing seam metal roof installation in York, Dauphin County, or Lancaster in Pennsylvania, then turn to Glick Brothers Roofing. At Glick Brothers Roofing, we specialize in renovations and roofing work. Standing seam metal roof installation is becoming common with people who are interested in durable roofs that will stay in peak condition for years.

Standing seam roofs also have the benefit of being extremely visually appealing. These metal roofing systems are equipped with numerous connected panels. These panels begin on roof ridges and go all the way to their eaves. Standing seam metal roofs are no longer exclusive to commercial structures. They're a great choice for residential roofing and now readily seen in neighborhoods everywhere.

People who are fans of contemporary looks are sure to appreciate these types of metal roofs. These roofs have a streamlined and angular appeal that is wonderful for homeowners who are going for current style. These kinds of roofs also offer many diverse combinations in seam profiles, rib heights and panel widths. These options provide people with a lot of comfort and freedom in their approaches to design. These roofs are even available in a vast selection of sizes.

Efficient and Dependable Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

These roofs may look highly contemporary, but they've actually been in use for quite a while now. Time has proven them to be efficient, dependable and just plain classic roofing options for homeowners who care about both longevity and style. If you're searching for a tried and true roof that will keep you safe and comfortable at all times, these are ideal.

These roofs work well in all different types of homes, too, luckily enough. They're very versatile and as a result work beautifully in all kinds of settings. They look wonderful on top of traditional residences. They also look just as great on top of contemporary and barn-style residences. If you own a Dutch Colonial residence, for example, a standing seam metal roof can make a nice and highly attractive touch.

Once complete, your standing seam metal roof will have no exposed fasteners, making it a roof that will last for many years to come. Let us at Glick Brothers Roofing install a roof that will be the pride of the neighborhood, using our quality standing seam roof system.

Standing Seam Metal Roofs Are a Sustainable Choice

Standing seam metal roofs are a sustainable choice, are manufactured using recycled contents, and are fully recyclable. They are available in many fade-resistant colors, and will not rust, crack, or rot away. Standing seam metal roofs will also not streak or stain, and are very low maintenance. It is likely that you will never have to clean this type of roof throughout the course of its life. These roofs are also reliable in the depths of winter, as the roof will not become waterlogged with snow and ice. Cut your energy costs and make a smart choice with a standing metal seam roof.

If you want standing seam metal roofing in York, Dauphin County, or Lancaster, Glick Brothers Roofing can offer you amazing installation service. Other roofing options, like cedar shake roofs, are also available. Our contractors are skilled and experienced renovation professionals who are beyond knowledgeable about roofs. Call our company as soon as possible if you have any questions about our roofing work. If you're interested in excellent customer service, we're a terrific choice, too. Contact us today for a quote!

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