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Are you concerned with the integrity of your aging roof? Does it have leaks, rust spots, or questionable weak spots? If so, our proven metal roof restoration system is the perfect solution to extend the life of your roof.

Before you prematurely replace your metal roof, contact us and learn why metal roof restoration may be the best solution for your building. Get a full return on investment and more by choosing our proven system.

Metal Roof Problems: Leaks, Rust, Punctures

If you’re faced with common metal roof problem such as a leak, rust, or puncture, you may not have much time to wait. What may appear as a minor issue could quickly worsen if not addressed in a timely manner and could end up costing you a fortune. Luckily, you’re no longer faced with the traditional fixes to common metal roof problems. Instead of choosing between repair work and replacement, you can now save a great deal and extend the life of your roofs with a coating that will provide protection and longevity.

How Metal Roof Coatings Extend the Life of a Roof

Metal roof coatings help add years on to a roof’s life because once applied, they give your roof a clean slate and a protective edge. When it comes to roof damage and aging, three things stand out the most.

  • Moisture is a problem because it leads to rotting and deterioration of the substrate, which in turn leads to a weak substrate prone to leaks.
  • Ultraviolent rays are problematic because they start a chemical reaction which breaks down the roof substrate, leaving it weaker overall.
  • Infrared radiation is heat from the actual sun which is problematic because it helps to increase the chemical reaction that occurs from the ultraviolent rays.

The application of a metal roof coating counteracts these hazards because it reflects the ultraviolent rays and infrared radiation, pushing them back into the atmosphere. When this is done, the roof is kept cooler which in turn decreases the natural aging and weathering brought on by the sun.

Metal Roof Restoration in PA

To ensure the longevity and functionality of your metal roof, look no further than the metal roof restoration experts at Glick Brothers Roofing. We take pride in offering local business owners a solution to their roofing problems which saves them both time and money. Discover the difference today. Contact us to speak to a representative!

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