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Have you noticed the beauty and utility of well-designed, correctly installed roofs? Pennsylvania sometimes endures bitterly harsh winter weather. A strong roofing system protects your home or business against the ravages of wind, rain, sleet and snow. When looking for roofing services near you, contact Glick Brothers Roofing!

An attractive roof will add style and charm to real estate, enhancing your satisfaction with your property. Call Glick Brothers Roofing & Renovations to obtain complete roof repairs, re-roofs, roof maintenance, and roof replacement. We serve York, Lancaster, and Dauphin Counties in Pennsylvania.

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Our Roofing Services Include:

Roof Repairs

Our roofing technicians expertly perform all types of roof repairs, including both metal and asphalt shingle roofs. Seeking timely roofing services sometimes prevents minor damage from expanding in scope.

For instance, obtaining the repair of small dents in metal panel roofs following a hail storm helps prevent the development of rust. Similarly, by seeking the replacement of fallen asphalt tiles after a wind storm, property owners ensure a roof continues to provide adequate protection against the elements. You can count on Glick Brothers Roofing to help you fix roof damage quickly and correctly.

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We often perform re-roofs for customers, as well. If high winds cause a tree to topple into your residence and tear a hole in the roof, for example, call us to re-roof the structure. We'll repair damage rapidly and effectively. We can install new asphalt tile over an existing roof in some cases.

Our work helps households recover from damaging accidents. Ask us to restore your roof to an excellent condition in the aftermath of a severe windstorm, punishing rains, or other natural disasters.

Roof Maintenance

We furnish full-time skilled roof maintenance services, too. Ask us to perform any of these important assignments:

  • Inspection
  • Cleaning
  • Unclogging Gutters and Downspouts
  • Replacing Worn Flashing Around Roof Caps and Skylights
  • Replacing Brittle or Cracked Tiles, and More
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Roof Replacement

Have you considered replacing the roof of your home with some other type of system? Our roofing services include complete roof replacement projects. Today, residents of York, Dauphin, and Lancaster Counties often seek full roof replacement in order to benefit from new, innovative roofing products.

Customers may request a roof replacement in order to renovate a property's appearance. Whether you seek to change the color or style of the roof, increase its energy efficiency, or obtain the benefit of longer lasting roofing products, Glick Brothers Roofing can offer valuable assistance.

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